Looking back on the light of 2013

My word for 2013 was light

The weather was beautifully frosty in early 2013

Micky Mac's house was finally sold

Australia proved to be a stunning part of the world

Dreaming through the eyes of Australian animals

Early morning web captures
Another little trip to London where one of my Shard images won a competition

O the pure joy of summer and Foxgloves!

The lower bog field turned into a fairy kingdom in July

Capturing the last rays of light each evening of summer

A special wedding in field in Waterford
Autumn sky from my desk

Taken on one of the many train journeys of the year

One of the joys of being a blogger is this record in images and words of each week of each month, of each year, three years of it so far. Although not fully explicit about events and emotions here, when I browse the photographs again I recall the events, memories and the feelings as if they were imprinted on my soul. As thousands of images pile up on the hard drive, I can always find a specific photo there based on this internal record of seasons and changes. (A proper filing system might be even better, ahem!)

I'm working away on this notion of how everyday observation deepens our experience of the world and our connection to it. Limited to a small patch of rural Ireland I have noticed how photographing the same things over and over again has opened up my ability to really SEE things. This kind of seeing involves looking outwardly and inwardly.

How does it manifest?

I'm guessing that being in the "zone" completely captures the attention allowing us to delve deeper and deeper.  That the lack of other distractions, the meditative effect of nature, the daily repetition all play a part in heightening awareness. Looking back on the 2013 when I chose the word "Light" as a guiding intention for the year, I began photographing light rather than the subject matter as such, and now a new set of seeing insights is flowing along as part of the practice......

Did you chose a word for last year? Did it influence how you lived out each day? How about taking time out to consider an intention for 2014?

Mulling over word concepts has already begun for 2014 and I'm coming down in favour of "Pilgrimage" excited about where that will bring me....... Deeper rather than further maybe?

For a free download guide on unravelling the year ahead  try this from Susannah Conway


  1. I must congratulate you, albeit a late one, on your award, so well deserved. You are one of my top favourite photographers. And your writing is inspiring too. I was wondering what your 2014 word would be and now see it is one of my much loved words 'pilgrimage'..... I am off to Susannah Conway page now but I will be back for sure. Every image you create is an inspiration.

    1. Cait you have made my day! I look forward to hearing your word for 2014.....

  2. Great 'light' images of 2013 and I am looking forward to your 2014 images and words.

    1. Thanks Janneke, have a wonderful and special season:~)

  3. Beautiful photos as always Catherine. What an eventful year you've had! I too think photography helps me to see beauty around me that I might otherwise overlook. Which is interesting considering the discussions this week about how photography can impede our memory or recollection of events.

    1. Yes I heard about that Mairead. I think it really depends on how you use your camera. For example I rarely bring it with me when I want to spend time with people or when I want to be present at an event. Unfortunately sometimes people ask me to bring it along and take their photos!! Thanks for your kind words too:~)

  4. What a great collection of photos and all so different :) I really look forward to seeing your shots for your 2014 theme :)

  5. Pilgrimage - how absolutely perfect!! Will look forward to following where it leads...:-)!

  6. I love the 'theme' idea, Catherine. My word for 2013 was 'gatherings.' Initially, I saw it as being about 'collectives' of some description or another ~ people. animals, poems but as the year progressed it has come to have different 'faces' ~ as in 'picking up ideas along the way, snippets almost; to actual gatherings of ideas from people, including your good self, about Colour, Creativity and Connection.

    Now you've got me thinking about 2014! Pilgrimage sounds like a great one and I hope it brings you to all sorts of fascinating places of mind, body, heart, soul ..... that are beyond sight at present!

  7. Beautiful images and reflections. Thanks so much for sharing your light with us this year.

  8. I love your summary of "light" over this past year! Beautiful pictures...beautiful words. I look forward to your 2014 "Pilgrimage"! Merry Christmas & a Happy 2014!

  9. My word last year was Gratitude...it helped me a great deal although I need to get better at practicing gratitude...I am looking for this year's word...I may be close.

  10. Congratulations on winning your Shard!

  11. Dear Catherine,
    how your words here express so well my own feelings. This is one of the great joys that came with my blogging activity, seeing, deepening indeed our experience of the world, which I did not expect.
    It also turns out that I'm finding myself more and more photographing light, or at least looking at light.
    Thank you for this great post!

  12. Catherine - your photos continue to astound and delight me! I draw so much inspiration from your themes, subjects and technique. Gorgeous!!
    Merry Christmas and please keep up this wonderful blog in 2014.