Fodder for the soul

Are we sharing similar thoughts as we watch the cattle being fed? Fodder. Winter. Action.

The structure of everything is revealed by winter, so I am aware of this Robin following me. It's a territorial thing with Robins, they own the place. Making my way along the lane, he continually swoops on ahead always landing in full view on some perch or branch.

Letting me know who's cock of the walk.

As soon as I get closer, he's gone. Then, around the next bend, he twitches and chirps from the top of an improvised gate post brilliantly hewn from an old telegraph pole, the top of a clay jar , a piece of wire.

He's not the only one standing by agog. Other birds are gathering as the tractor arrives with this years silage. I know I say nothing much happens around here, but hey look at this, everything is going on today!


  1. Beautiful Robin. The animals do master their territory even if we people are not always aware of their presence.

  2. How beautiful, what a perfect picture. The countryside is bustling with animals, it is so peaceful and calming, love it :)

    All things nice...

  3. Gasp! what fodder for my soul! so beautiful. xo

  4. Oh ! Awsome pictures of theRobin (does'nt look very shy this one). Beautiful post.

  5. How did that Robin know that was the perfect spot to showcase his colors? Adorable.

  6. Just lovely :) I love little robins. We have one in the garden that visits and sits in the same spot every day :)

  7. Love those little robins...they're much smaller than ours and have such a pretty song...indeed

  8. I love robins and you've captured this one perfectly. Philippa xx

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    1. Woops I'll try again! Should have checked before publishing!
      What a cheeky looking fellow he is! Enjoy your busy winter time. You have given me food for thought with that gatepost... I might have just the very thing!

  10. I do love your robins...a bit bold they are....

  11. Hello Catherine

    You must be charming to have a robin chaperone you on your journey. How amusing. The cattle look happy to see the farmer's red tractor too.
    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  12. Your photos are stunning....the colors practically sing!
    Thanks for letting us dip into this beauty
    and share in your song:)

  13. I would trade your nothing much for all the action around here lately, although when I stop to think about it the action has been me spending days on the road, it's as quiet as ever in this sleepy village, although that's still a whole lot less quiet than your lovely corner of the world.

    Your photos are as incredible as ever :)