Tweeting as Ireland 4 : A Fancy Irish Frog

Yesterday was at a nicer pace and I managed my time better too. In the morning there was a lot of love coming at me and a lot of longing for Ireland.

I was posting photos of some of favourite swimming places and when I posted one of Brandon Creek in Kerry and it touched a nerve with the grandson of an Irish emigrant. He was called after St. Brendan the Navigator who left this very spot for America in the 6th century. Brendan had never even been to Ireland he said, but he was homesick for it.

This talk of home touched me in a way that took me by surprise. All people have a home in their heart which they pass down through generations. I don't think it's just a place, or a country. It's more a connection with family, land and memory. It just made my cry, and the hilarious thing is that I am at home!

In the afternoon I started to share photos of small creatures which I have photographed over the last year. A really clever and brilliant person www.irishstu.com sent me back my frog photo as a bit of a cad, from a common Irish Frog to a Fancy Irish Frog. Brilliant.

One thing I am learning is that it takes quite a bit of grit to stay on your own path when surrounded by a cacophony of other voices. There is such temptation to try to blend in. Then all I need to do is go down to the lake, breathe in the air and remember.......

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  1. I used to have a little plaque that said "home is where the heart is". Maybe an overused saying, but true all the same.

  2. Nice thoughts. I normally feel right at home when I'm surrounded by nature. It's green energy, aura, whatever you call it, is invigorating to me. Even when people are not around, the feeling of being home is more of a sensation inside even though we're guided by our surroundings or outward sensations. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Whenever I am lucky enough to sit by a creek and smell that strong wild creek smell (for lack of a better description) it takes me back to the innocent years of childhood. I miss that time, and my grandmother. It makes me a little sad but would not want to ever forget it..Happy Spring..Judy

  4. Love the frog..I feel a sense of home when I visit Ireland...my family is from County Limerick...and then there is the sense of home for the Italian family side and all the places I have lived in my own country...