Tweeting as Ireland: Day 5

Yesterday I took a walk, I did some gardening, I cleaned up the studio, and in between did some more tweeting.

In Ireland it was a very bad news day in every way. There were enough people tweeting, talking and writing about it all so I didn't but the catch phrase for the day became "on the day that's in it......"

I have become even more passionate about belonging to a global community of like minded souls who are good, who take care each other, who live their lives well. Ordinary, everyday people who get through the day without doing any harm.

This swan couple are living on the lake at the moment and seem to be starting to ignore my presence, trusting me a bit more each time, and everything is getting a bit greener including myself.

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Happy Friday..Judy

  2. I love your photos. When I feel overwhelmed by the news around me I go outside and let nature soothe my troubled thoughts. It looks like you headed out with your camera.

  3. I wrote a reply under my wordpress name but it was not accepted!

  4. May the peace of your lovely images find you and keep you feeling better!

  5. Stunning photography!