Tweeting as Ireland : Day 2

Those of you on twitter will know that your own stream is a cosy and familiar spot. Those friendly avatars and silly names become old buddies and pals over time. So yesterday when I woke up to the green haze of the Ireland stream and I didn't recognise anyone I was thrown!

It was kind of like moving house and trying to find your way around a new kitchen. Couldn't even find the kettle....that kind of thing. Aw well. In no time at all I was moving in my own furniture, photos, slow lane meanderings. Lots of the old faces I know dropped by for encouragement and so did new people who empathised and felt my pain. Thank you all so much.

@sweden had just started that morning too and we shared a moment of anxiety early in the day which I much appreciated. There was a glitch with the photo links on worldirish so I hope that will be sorted out this morning. Sorry to people who didn't manage to open them. Lots more today.

One highlight was when I posted a link to an article about my son who organised the St. Patrick's Day parade in Berlin. A journalist who had been there then tweeted an audio of him addressing the crowd. That was so nice.

The chat was lovely, people were so supportive.  Off again now for another day with Tulips and Rosemary flowers to sooth an addled brain, mine not yours!

Drop in on @ireland my own twitter account is @foxglovelane


  1. I really must learn how to tweet :-)

  2. Wish i had time to Tweet...someday perhaps!

  3. Tweeting isn't among my skills I'm afraid but I did enjoy your photos. My rosemary is just starting to flower but I must admit that I've never looked that closely at the individual flowers, they are really lovely.

  4. The top pic is my fave of this selection. Not sure what it is, 'tho it looks like a tulip. Thanks for the Like of jmnartsy on photoblogs.com, 'tis very much appreciated! :o)