Green mist rising: the conclusion

I am now going to stop being a small island in the Atlantic with a spooky green mist rising! It's the end of my week curating the @ireland account and time for the next person to begin tomorrow.

It's been fantastic. From the first daunting morning, trying "not to let the school down and make a holy show of yerself"! To the surprising amount of love out there for Ireland; the emotion, the longing.  Made me realise that there is still a lot of pressure on us Irish people to do ourselves proud, and I felt it.

The chats, connections and friendly voices from around the world. All the images I am left with in my head; bears in Canada who rob the bird food, a high rise home in Korea where an Irish man enjoys the evening skies as I do, the sheep in Kilkenny going into the barn at night. The support across the world between curators also coming to grips with the task. The warmest and kindest exchanges as if I was in the middle of New Years Eve party where everyone was just in a good old mood. It started out last Monday being so intimidating, now here I am on a Sunday addicted!!

The connection people felt with the images of Ireland which I have been posting for the last year. Simple everyday stuff, the odd sunset, wildflowers, the little lake down at the end of the meadow where I live. That brought me a lot of joy because making these images and sharing them with you is a passion!

Thank you so much to WorldIrish for inviting me to curate the account and for clearly asking me to tweet how and what I usually do. That was brilliant. At times it felt like I should be smarter, or more political, or more angry about the awful news we were having last week. It was important to stick with what I really know and understand, the mystery and magic of the everyday small stuff, and to be honest I really had no choice but to be myself. There's just me, me and the patch I live in, that's about it.

I have learned so much. Maybe it will take a while to process. Why not have a go? I didn't get enough time to think about it when I was asked, just as well, it was hard work but it opened my eyes again to the sheer wonder of being connected with this little patch of earth where I live, Ireland...........

PS Would love to meet up with you on twitter @foxglovelane where there's less of the green mist and a bit more of a purple haze.......


  1. Such beautiful photos you have shown this week. Ireland is such a magical place, it's not surprising so many love it. I'm now following you on twitter too!

  2. Gorgeous photos of the sky, this time next week I'll be in Co Clare seeing it for myself:)

  3. They certainly got the right person for the job. I always felt in my heart that Ireland is a beautiful place through books I've read and pictures I've seen and now to see your images of it, I know exactly that it is. Thank you for sharing with all of us..Happy Sunday..Judy

  4. Ah once I do get onto Twitter, you will be one of the first I will look up...I'll follow the purple haze with just a smidgen of green mist...glad it was a great experience...much like your blog...a great experience to all who come and visit!

  5. I love Ireland. I've only visited once (so far). But I knew for a long time before we went that I wanted to go. That trip has only made me want to come back that much more. I enjoyed following along with you last week and will continue to follow you here and on Twitter to get a small dose of Ireland in my daily American life.

  6. Thank you all, part of the fun was connecting with you all, and feeling the love about Ireland, it was very touching at times. X

  7. A wonderful ambassador in words and pics for the Emerald Isle. These sun rises complete the set of breath taking images and wistful narrative - something to do with Celtic twilights and foggy dew.

  8. Beautiful sky images. Love the colors.