Living with soul

January 2012 early Wild Gorse flower

I cannot answer any of the big "why" questions, like for example "Why are we here?" I haven't a clue. From now on I am going to stop asking that. I am going to be more concerned with how we are here. How.

That leads me to another of those big questions. Is there such as thing as living with soul? What is soul? Is it everything that is the opposite of soul-less-ness? When we say something is soulless it is lacking in meaning, empty, dark, dead, crass, spiritless, without character. So then is everything with soul colourful, spirited, meaningful, alive, deep, individual, and full of character?

If so then soulfulness would not be too hard to achieve. It wouldn't require any fancy education or the latest new gadgets. It is more likely to be found in rich detail, natural beauty, growing stuff, tea and toast, woolly socks, button collections, the ordinary and the everyday of a good life.

We bare our souls, keep body and soul together, dance to soul music, are soul mates.

I want to live with soul.


  1. Well put. You just may be my 'soul sister'. I think it might just be about attitude and awareness.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    Beautiful blog.

  2. And a garden with soul is full of personality, inspiration and as you said: rich detail, natural beauty, fun and smiles, etc. May your new year be full of meaning and bring blessings to your soul. Happy gardening, 2012!

  3. Hiya, you said something about soul...maybe it's the opposite of superficial too...you may like this link...Happy New Year

    http://m.facebook.com/TSO http://m.facebook.com/TSOPhotography?fc=0&__user=1210283913 Photography?fc=0&__user=1210283913

    I found the vids while the wind was howling in the night...

  4. Lovely post...in my search for soul I created my blog ...I continue to muse my soul...my garden has shown me more about my soul and I feel great solace and spirit in my garden...here's to living with soul!!

  5. Button collections! My mother (or maybe it was my grandmother?) used to have an old tin full of buttons. I loved to go through it as a kid. Haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for bringing the memory back.

  6. Me, too! I hope to keep with my soul this year, observing, receiving, and being. Happy new year!

  7. Soul-foods, to me, are the simple things in life that bring wee bits of pleasure and happiness, like shared laughter, a hug, a walk in the woods, bee's visiting a flower, a rainbow, autumn colours, a pretty bit of fabric, someone holding a door open for you, the list is endless. Little gifts for the soul that make each day fuller. Without that appreciation I think life would be soul-less. Here's to a soul-full-filled year for us all.

  8. Well said. Hard to define and construed many ways though. You just know when you have it. I like the phrase, 'old soul'. They have it.

  9. For me it really is the simple things that feed my soul. Any time spent by the sea, hours spent rock pooling, the feel of warm sand under my feet, splashing (or plodging as you say in the north east) in the sea. A walk through woods with dappled sunlight streaming through. Bird song, beautiful gardens and the smell of washing that has dried outside. Wishing you a very happy New Year and I look forward to more posts in 2012.

  10. Wow, big questions. Not like, 'when should I prune the boxwood?' (As if I knew that either...) Really I think we must go very, very quiet and listen to the deep darkness inside ourselves and that the answers are there. But the world is so wonderful and so painful, we are mostly distracted...