There's a great stretch in the evenings

Whenever I meet anyone these days they say that there is a great stretch in the evenings. This was certainly evident yesterday in Garrarus. Spring is really here!


Dot's cow Jilly and her calf

The lovely thing about this cow Jilly is her crooked smiley face. Never saw a cow quite like her. I think because of this Dot has a very soft spot for her.

Dot doesn't give calves names as she isn't going to keep them anyway ......... doesn't want to get too attached.



Although I understand the need to collect timber these days i was a bit sad to see this huge tree...gone!
Recently there have been a lot of people trawling for timber in the surrounding forest and even the other night we heard chainsaws at 3 in the morning. This tree was felled legitimately....but it was huge and very old. It will take decades to replace....... as the poet said "to whom are we beautiful as we go..."


Foxglove Lane

Foxglove Lane is a bit off the beaten track and has therefore remained quite unspoiled. Most of the land has been left wild because it is unused for farming anymore. There are a couple of small lakes and the whole area is just a few kilometres from the sea. Since moving here I have fallen in love with the grey green landscape and the large western skies which display new colours and patterns every evening of the year.

Herons live here of course and make their nests in the tall trees behind our neighbour's farm or out on small islands in the reeds at the edge of the lake. They swoop over and back across the water all summer long. The Spring has finally arrived and all the smaller birds have suddenly appeared.  I have noticed the thrushes in particular seem very excited about the beginning of the best part of the year.....and the return of the light....

There are quite a few characters living along the lane too. I hope to include them in this blog as they are a very important part of the landscape.

Raining cats and dogs

A rainy miserable Sunday in February. The best part is being cosy inside and listening to the dripping on the windowsills. Today is a day to light a candle and make soup. Luckily got a walk in earlier, so now have guilt free few hours to fill.....choosing photographs.....colours......and blogging!