The tall silent wooden ones.......

There's not much big wood around here at all. My favourite trees the little Hawthorns are everywhere mainly on the hedgerows. These large pine trees are at the edge of the forest where they catch the light and luckily they have survived beyond the harvesting stage. I can never get an angle on the tree tops so have to be content to photograph a lot of bark and scrappy branches. But from the distance I can sometimes see the sun setting through the thinner trees......all the way through the seasons......


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for bringing such beauty to the blogosphere. Your land looks so awesome.

    I live in PennSylvania -- named for its forests. Also beautiful. Your photos are inspiring me to take more time to enjoy this natural awesomeness.

    (Good to meet you on Twitter, BTW.)

    Playful blessings,
    Stan (aka @muz4now)

  2. I very much like the second to bottom photo.

  3. Lovely photographs, the trees look beautiful at this time of year with all their colours. Thanks for sharing your trees with us

    All things nice...

  4. Lovely pics! I too am a tree lover and love to walk among them.

  5. Always a pleasure to look up into the trees... lovely photos!

  6. How pretty! Love their bark. The pic with the trunks and the ferns is gorgeous.

  7. I loved your photos, especially the last one, beautiful.

  8. Your photos are awesome. My favorite is the last one. Capturing the sun coming through the trees... that warms the soul! great photos. ;)

  9. Love these shots! Which is your favorite? I like the second last one most.

  10. I agree the second last one is special. I was actually trying to create the feeling of height on the page as you scrolled down, does that make sense? Thank you all for your great and thoughtful comments, still got the L plates up for my photography so I really appreciate the encouragement:~)

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