Watch out in the long grass

I mentioned recently that the Common Frog would be making an appearance. Here he is in the company of an Azure Damselfly, a Ringlet Butterfly and a Common Green Grasshopper. Although I am lazy at looking up the references I am always glad when I do and I now have a growing knowledge of what lives around here. I found the Grasshopper by diligently following that sound of his legs rubbing together which is how they make the rattling. I had actually never managed to do that before and I was delighted to see one up so close.

The Ringlets and the Damselflies are very common at the moment but hard to photograph as they move all the time. Walking through the long grass they rise up in front of you from where they have been impossible to see, they camouflage so well. As the summer progresses the grasses are stronger, darker and going to seed. It's just flying by.


  1. Just getting acquainted with your blog. It is wonderful. I visited Ireland a few yrs ago and loved it especially the area where you live...I also am on Blotanical and am trying to finish your application. Can you email me at ddonabella@gmail.com so I can ask a question. thx