A fish man in Beara, a French MD and a guy in a bar.

Been blogging and tweeting from Foxglove Lane now since February. The surprising bit has been the connections made around the world with people going about their daily lives, doing what they do and sharing it. This has been a hopeful sign about the world and how we feel about each other as human beings. Have I just been lucky? I don't know, but random conversations and connections have been positive and stimulating. I love reading about the fish man in Beara, the state of the industry, the height of the seas; the French MD who sends me the thoughts of Malraux or translates the lyric poetry of her country to comment on my garden; the young aspiring writer working in a bar in Waterford during the Tall Ships week end casually describing his exhaustion.

I don't really touch on sport, I avoid too much politics, I generally stay away from main stream marketing. But even still there are wonderful business people I have met who are natural networkers, so much so that even I have found them supportive, helpful, funny and interesting.

Recently blogging about artists has brought me to a point of wondering whether I am more producer or  consumer? Looks like the world is divided here. Those of us who produce, rely on those of us who consume. The creative social media world is made up of both. Which am I? Which are you? Either way maybe I have found a reason not to fear the dark evenings of winter quite so much.


  1. I too have found the blog community positive and friendly. Especially when the common ground is gardening, the conversation is always good.