First the fragrance then the fading Roses..........

Paddy was showing me two things. A large common frog and believe it or not a maggot inside the root of a cut dock plant. (Paddy may not be a hundred percent tuned into what I am doing here because he regularly calls me over to see stuff like this when he is digging, saying "Now there's a thing you could be blogging about!!") And it's true of course and I do love beetles, frogs and even maggots sometimes...... 
Then I am reading about "steering clear of the picturesque in art", and I find I just can't take that in. Well I know what Aidan Dunne means, and artists have to have to avoid cliches and romance I suppose, but mere mortals like myself can be seduced by beauty on a regular basis. And so it was today, first I got the fragrance and then the full rose tree, with the classic chocolate box fading blooms, and I couldn't resist. 
The frog will feature later, and he was a fine specimen, but today I am going with these roses, as I know they have never made a public appearance on any chocolate box and to me anyway they are simply beautiful. By the way although I took a hundred and forty nine photos of the maggot, he won't be making a showing, as no matter how I photoshopped him he was grotesque in the extreme, and would certainly frighten the children!


  1. Gorgeous fading rose Caitriona. I'm with you on naturally gravitating towards the beauty in art and nature - the world I see is a beautiful one, and I want to reflect that in my photography, why would I want to shy away from it! Love the new header by the way, gorgeous colours in those foxgloves :)

  2. Thanks Eadaoin for your lovely thoughts on beauty, I consider you a great mentor on that score! Still on a big learning curve and experimenting with designs, don't have enough hours in the day is the problem!

  3. i love these photos.

    what a beautiful post!

    thank you for this inspiration...you have given me something to ponder the next time i am capturing moments with my camera.