The sweet scent of Bluebells

Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta or Coinnle corra, are in full bloom right now. They come out just after the spring flowers and before my beloved Foxgloves. A gentle sweet scent is released as as you walk through them. Today it is warm with a light breeze and brings back those childhood memories of long days and playing out in the meadows.
I also discovered  another fabulous website called wildflowersofireland.net a labour of love and a great resource.


  1. We have a beautiful Bluebell wood here in Roscommon near Lough Key, I just love to walk there. They would lift the heart of anyone.

  2. Thanks for those. Beautiful!

    John Solo

  3. Oh a lovely carpet of bluebells :) I love that website too :) Hope you have a nice weekend

    All things nice...