At home in Lithuania

Just back from Lithuania. Having seen castles, churches and the beautiful old town of Vilnius, these simple homes in the village of Trakai reminded me of the universal importance of home. They belong to a group of Lithuanian Karaite who's ancestors came from Crimea in the fourteenth century. They are small wooden houses with three windows to the front. One window is said to be for God, one for the Archduke, and one for the Karaite. Each one has a small garden, some have outhouses or orchards and as they are beside a small lake, many have jetties and boats at the end of the plot. 

There are certainly issues to be resolved in Lithuania but there is one universal truth and that is the love and attachment to home. It was sad to see the many parents and friends at the airport waving goodbye to their children, en route to work in Ireland. As the average wage there is 200 euros a month it is an essential part of their present development.  It is also again a very familiar sight in Ireland as our children go in all sorts of  directions to Germany, the UK or Australia. But they are making new lives and homes in interesting ways too. They say home is where the heart is.......

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  1. Looks like a lovely colourful place :) How true home is where the heart is... The best part about going away, is coming home :)

    All things nice...