An ancient graveyard on a farm

Sometimes my work takes me cross country from County Waterford to Callan in Kilkenny. Callan is one of the most inclusive small towns in Ireland as it has a number of innovative projects for people with special needs, the Camphill Community, KCAT and L'Arche. (L'Arche have a great cafe, worth making a detour for by the way)

One of the routes I take is over the rambling and isolated Kilmaganny hills, the alternative takes me through Dunamaggin and Lough Brack. On this road there is a graveyard surrounded by an intact wall right in the middle of a field full of cattle. Over the last few months it has caught my attention and I have seen it in bleakest winter, in the snow and now in the spring. 

Earlier this week  I hopped out of the car and managed to get this shot just before the cattle were on top of me and I had no elbow room to photograph anything! It has a simple quiet atmosphere....


  1. What a lovely photograph and what a tranquil graveyard.

    All things nice...

  2. Beautiful, I love this type of space :) My grandparents are buried in a similar type of graveyard on a hillside in Tipperary. The church is in ruins but my Dad and his family took it upon themselves to look after its upkeep - I remember spending many hours there when I was younger clearing the overgrown grass and weeds to keep things tidy. It's a shame to see these old spaces fall to ruins. I bet in the snow this place is breathtaking, you should bring your camera out again in the winter!

  3. there is a graveyard very similar to this one on the main callan kilkenny road at tullamaine and interestingly this graveyard was used in a scene in the movie breakfast on pluto by neil jordan and starring cillian murphy but the real stars are the people of callan who were extras in the movie!!!!