There's a child inside

My three sisters and I were mulling over some hard decisions we would have to make about our elderly relatives when I showed them these photos from the 1930's of two of them frolicking in the sea. The young girl here who is enjoying it so much is now in her 80's.

I can't say it was an easy evening we spent, but these photos and many more which we are lucky enough to have, were a reminder of the wonderful lives and people that they once were. While they worked hard, they also had a lot of fun and this was mainly when the cameras came out.

Older people need to be known, understood and appreciated for their experiences of life but also for their personalities. It is great to see images of them as children and know that the child is probably very much alive inside. This is certainly true of our Dad, who between westerns and crime novels can create a very interesting imaginary day to compensate for the real one where nothing really happens. This is a great gift I think...... but he is another story altogether.

See www.bealtaine.com  for information on this arts festival for older people in Ireland.


  1. Your post really moved me. Apart from the fantastic pictures, it was that you stood up for the humanity of your older relatives. This isn't always easy to do successfully with your siblings. You did a good thing well.

  2. Love the images...and the wonders of aging