Biddy's lambs

Biddy's sheep have all lambed except for the last two. She is keeping them in and feeding them meal until their time. We walked over the fields today to inspect the whole lot of them. Lots of sets of twins. The dogs snuffled at the lambs but it didn't seem to bother them at all. It was lovely to see how very proud she was of them especially as she was solo midwife to every single ewe. Farmers don't often get to show off their hard work.  Biddy couldn't bear to slaughter lambs herself, she adores her animals, but she does eat roast lamb and loves it....don't we all.........

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  1. oh my... thank you so much for following me so i could follow you back here and discover all this. what a lovely space, i swear, my blood pressure just went down a few notches looking through these photos. looking forward to tweeting and learning more about you...