Men who build walls

Men who build walls will always be admired. Buildings like this one stand as a memorial to that work. All over the countryside there are tumbled down barns and cottages, this one is at the top of Foxglove Lane.

Our first house was one of these, a cottage and set of farm sheds. They are disappearing to make way for the Dallas style rancheros. The rancheros  may soon be exited too..... to pay for debts......

This one is on it's way out and every time I pass it another bit is gone. I always think of those men when I see the erosion of it, so today I celebrate them.

By the way a special man who built a wall for us in 1982 is now a published photographer and keeper of the lore. More about him anon.

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  1. i love this photo....the colours are rustic and so earthy....i love the way all the stones are different shapes and sizes....i especially love the blue tinged grey ..... a masterpiece really.... id say this wall has seen a lot of comings and goings in Foxglove Lane......


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